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Hosted by Crossfit Addiction in Kennesaw GA!


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Kilos and Suds 2016 Dynamic Sports Therapy Kennesaw GA 30144




WOD 1: AMRAP of 10 minutes

1 partner 10 deadlifts Scaled (165/135) Beginner (115/95)
2 partner pull up hang on pull up bar
1 partner does 10 burpees over the bar
2 partner pull up hang on pull up bar

All athletes must perform at least 1 of each of the movements

We will Score the deadlifts and burpees.

Ex) 1 partner deadlifts while the other 2 hang from the pull up bar. You can switch partners AFTER the 1st athlete finishes the deadlifts. Two of the athletes MUST be hanging at all times. Once the athlete drops in the middle of another athletes movement, everyone must stop and wait for the both athletes to hang again.



WOD #2 our favorite…. CHIPPER! For time: ( 20 minute time cap )

100 cal row
80 box jumps (step ups optional for both) 24/20
60 Scaled- Pullups ( you may use bands)
Beginner-Ring rows (I will post a video on what is an accepted ring row)
40 ground to overhead (this may be a snatch, clean and jerk, etc..)
Scaled (115/85)
Beginner (65/45)

*again I will post videos on all movements to show the athletes and judges what is an acceptable Rep.



WOD #3

15 min time cap

(A) For TIME Relay (one person does all the reps of each movement then sprint to teammate)

200 SU each
20 power cleans (95/75)
40 Ab mat Sit‐Ups each
15 wallballs each (20/14)

100 SU each
15 power cleans (65/45)
30 Ab mat Sit-ups each
12 wall balls each (14/10)

(B) BACK SQUAT 1 rep max (2 attempts can be made) This will be a 5 min time cap for everyone to get their one rep max in. There will be a slight transition time in between A and B so your team can warm up.

We will score A with time finished and Score B with total weight.




2 Divisions:  Beginner and Scaled


FREE BEER and Wrist Wraps with you entry into the competition!!!


Also we will have a athlete village with a tent, fans, and food for the competitors!!


All movements will be able to be completed with the proper scaling and will be a fun day!


3 WOD Competition


3 Person Teams MMM, and FFF (3 all male and 3 all female teams)


Competition news can be seen at


Sponsor and Volunteer oppotunites 


Judges will be compensated as well as provided all meals for the day



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