Your Big Toe is your Problem!

Ankle pain, Foot pain, Hip pain, Low back pain, and we have even seen Headaches be the result of a error in movement of the big toe or hallicus.


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This is a muscle in which it is connected to the big toe and is considered to be the most overlooked muscle in running gait and lifting bio-mechanics.  Many times will we see the foot pronate during running and we will also see the knee dive in during the mid foot stance.  This will often indicate how we should be looking toward the mid foot and fibular muscles as a place for scar tissue and errors.


How to assess the FHL:

A simple test to assess the FHL can be completed by a sports chiropractor with functional movement assessment training, and can also be performed at home by testing with the foot and ankle in full complete dorsiflexion and then pull the big toe backwards and if the toe extends 60 degrees then the toe is functioning correctly.  If this is  not the case more likely than not the big toe could be the culprit for foot pain, ankle pain, calf pain, knee pain, thigh pain, hip pain, low back pain, or even headaches sometimes.


How to fix it:

Many times a muscle can be stretched but in the case of the Flexor Hallicus Longus or FHL we will need some extra tension placed on the foot since it is controlled by 2 motion groups at the ankle and the big toe.  Stretch and exercise can be effective but using a strap that doesnt flex like a stretch out strap or a dog leash is effective at pulling the big toe into extension and pulling the foot back as well into the dorsiflexion moment at the ankle.  Active Release technique or ART is also very effective at producing a great amount of motion at the foot and ankle as well as treating the calf.  This can be done with a chiropractor or with a rehabilitation specialist.  We find that Graston technique or any other IASTM is effective at treating the FHL and producing better ROM.  We also believe that a Class IV laser that has deep penetration capability is also a great tool to effectively treat inflammation and movement disorders.








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